Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Weather Takes A Break!

As you can see, I'm not the only resident here at The Portable Homestead who is enjoying having the windows open today! Miss Boo spent the entire morning perched in this spot watching birds and butterflies.

The temperatures began to fall, albeit it slightly on Sunday, ending heat wave number 4 of the year, and now the humidity is finally following suit. Though still a bit muggy now, I for one am so thankful for a break from the oppressive humidity & heat! I thought what was left of my sanity would break first.

Having bronchitis and a sinus infection (day 11 & counting) as well as hibernating indoors (because of the weather, infections & my body's extreme dislike of hot/humid weather) hasn't helped my spirits (or cabin fever) any.

I think the reason why Summer cooties (colds, sinus infections, bronchitis & the like) seem to go on and on is that, despite air conditioning, it's just too hot for soups, hot teas with honey - many of the nourishing things we comfort ourselves with when we're sick during cooler weather.

I had to postpone July's iv session until August due to the infections and being on antibiotics, so being behind/off schedule with that isn't helping my stamina either. But, I'm making do - doing what I'm able when I'm able and getting out for an hour or two when I can.  (See Summer Reading, Summer Mantle and Summer Nights).

How is Summer treating you so far?

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