Saturday, August 10, 2013

#GardenWalk Weekly Round-Up!

Instead of doing 2 posts for the #GardenWalk Featured Tweeters each week, once on Thursday and again on Friday or Saturday, I'm going to try combining the 2 posts into one weekly post, which will appear here on Friday or Saturday each week and will feature both those who share for #GardenWalk Thursday and those who share daily throughout the week.

First up, our #GardenWalk Thursday Featured Tweeter for Thursday, 8/8/13:

And now for our #GardenWalk Featured Tweeters for the week of 8/3/13 through 8/9/13:

I want to thank everyone here and everyone on Twitter who shared via #GardenWalk this week!

How can you have a chance to be a #GardenWalk Featured Tweeter here on The Portable Homestead?

Participating is super easy: Post your photos to Twitter using the #GardenWalk hashtag in the tweet that goes with your photo. Or if you are posting your #GardenWalk to your personal site, leave your link to it in your tweet.

What are you waiting for?! Join us in sharing our gardens today to inspire one another and see what’s growing around the World right now! Budget and size don’t matter, all gardens are loved and appreciated. (All plants, blooms, veggies, herbs, fruits, etc. are welcome too).

I invite you to share daily via #GardenWalk or on #GardenWalk Thursdays. Most days through until the end of Autumn, you will find me sharing via #GardenWalk.

I created the #GardenWalk in 2010 to inspire gardeners to share their gardens on Twitter to spread inspiration & foster connections among like-minded folks. You’ll find inspiring shares here every day!

I hope you'll join me for a garden walk today.

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