Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Wheel Keeps Turning


The unofficial end of Summer is upon us!

I'm not sad to see Summer go, y'all know I'm not its' biggest fan, but I am a bit startled by how fast this year has gone by! August 31st?! How the...?

I await Autumn's arrival every year and every year it manages to sneak up on me and I'm not ready for it! I'm not sure how that happens. Every year.

Week before last I made arrangements to finish an interior design e-course derailed by my illness/surgeries/recovery from the middle of 2010 through 2011 and I'm going to tackle Botany for Gardeners as well. I'm very excited! I begin Wednesday.

Teachers get the back to school blues too, so yesterday, a teacher girlfriend and I spent the afternoon watching Eat Pray Love and chatting. She brought Dunkin Donuts which made a good day even better!  Now the Hubbs and I are on our way up to our northern home for the weekend. Rain is expected, but we don't mind, it'll be nice to get away for a bit.

How are you spending this unofficial last weekend of Summer? What will September bring for you?


Jo said...

Ack! There was a whole post with these photos! And I can't seem to edit it from my phone. Grrrr...

Jo said...

Okay, got the post updated!