Monday, August 26, 2013

Whispers Of Our Past: Oma

Oma is German for Grandma/Grandmother.

My Oma was born in a German village in 1905. I believe she came to America around 1926, when she was 21 years old. (And I believe the photo of her with her hair in a long braid was taken before she made that journey). She passed away 24 years ago this Saturday, the 24th. The photo of her late in life was taken just before Mom and I left Oma and Opa's in Florida to fly back to NJ. I only met her that once, a week or so, when I six years old, but talked with her on the phone every Sunday and on holidays.

I suddenly realized earlier this year some of who I see in the mirror is Oma.  The angle of my face in the photo above doesn't show it well but now I see where I get some of my features from.  And this nose!

I can't remember the sound of her voice now and it breaks my heart.

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