Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Joy Of Home

Got out for a little bit today and spent some time roaming Home Goods, a favorite (did I say favorite?) store. Yes, I agree, my fondness for Owls may be getting a tad out of hand, but they make me smile!

How many do I have now...? Um, that's not important. So, anyhoo, I love the Autumnal colors of the newbie Owls and the small candle holder ones are just adorable!

I'm also super excited about the reversible king size quilt I found, on clearance for 60% off! I love it and it matches the colors in the curtains. And it introduces a bit of orange into the bedroom color scheme. I'm so happy with it! Giddy even.

Lots of nesting going on here at The Portable Homestead - Autumn arrives on Sunday!

How are you getting ready for Autumn's arrival?

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