Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

To those celebrating today, and a Happy Chanukah as well!

 Many blessings to appreciate today and you all are included!

 I started baking on Tuesday because we were getting a nor'easter through last evening and with an electric stove/oven, I wanted to be sure I had pumpkin pie for today. (Priorities!) Thankfully all went well and the storm passed without incident.

Botched up the top crust for my apple cranberry pie yesterday so I made a messy lattice top instead. T'ain't pretty and that's okay - from what I sampled it's delicious!

This morning I awoke later than I expected (been so tired lately, fatigue crash - bah!) and despite seasoning the turkey yesterday, in trying to get it in the oven this morning I managed I miss the beginning of the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and therefore missed my *favorite* part of the parade: Tom Turkey! Ack! (But a sweet friend sent me a photo of him as it aired where she lives and the parade will re-air at 2p so all is not lost!)

 Now I'm off to tidy up and finish cooking a few quick things. Have a great day!

What are you Thankful for this year?


Jennifer said...

Happy Thanksgiving! So happy you went with my suggestions for your dessert decision :P

Jo said...

lol There was never any real doubt I would have a little of each :-)