Saturday, November 23, 2013

I'll Be Right Back...

Hello friends!

Popping in quickly to say I haven't forgotten to be thankful daily despite the recent lack of posts and I am *so* excited about writing again and I can't wait to tell you why!

To my fellow Whovians, wasn't Day Of The Doctor brilliant?!  Happy 50th Anniversary Doctor Who!  Bravo and well done!

See you back here soon :-)


Jennifer said...

I am JUST getting into Doctor Who. Only a few episodes into the reboot actually (I'm slow, I watch a gazillion series' at once) so I didn't really partake in any of the anniversary hubbub! I am loving the show though! My instagram is JENNIFERLABELLE find me and I'll find you back so I can see your lovely decor! And no, I haven't seen the Goddess tarot. I will check it out! There are a few gorgeous decks I want to order from Amazon after Christmas when I have some extra cash!

Jo said...

Start with the 9th Doctor, Chris E and before you know it you will be Hooked! The 50th anniversary week and day were so much Fun! And lol you found me on Instagram before I even saw this comment! :-)