Monday, December 16, 2013

I'm Still Here!

Apologies for dropping off the face of the Earth!

I've been sick since Halloween, battling an upper respiratory infection that's taken over my throat, sinuses and ears, and I've really had a rough go of it since the day after Thanksgiving. It's rearing its' ugly head once again too, as I was back at the doctor just yesterday and have started a third round of antibiotics. It's likely the upper respiratory infection is a viral infection, but with my immune system, or lack thereof actually, the antibiotics are more of a precaution to keep me from coming down with a secondary bacterial infection along with this upper respiratory infection.  I would say I'm exhausted to tears, but I'm so utterly exhausted, I don't think I have the energy to cry anymore!

This happens every few years. I get sick during the Fall and can't shake it until Spring.

I'm under strict order to REST this week and I am obeying them. Not that I have much choice in the matter anyhow. I made it to three Christmas parties this year and I'm so glad as they were so much fun! (I know, I know, the doctor wagged his finger at me yesterday for not resting more, but it's all done with now).  I'm finished with Christmas decorating and shopping and the cards have been mailed. Can you believe Christmas is only 9 days away?! There are gifts to be wrapped but that can wait for now. I'm hoping to finish some short Christmas reads, do some journaling and knitting this week. But, if all I do is sleep and spend time with my eldest kitty, who has cancer, that's fine too!

He has a large tumor in his tummy, he's not in pain, but may only have a month to a few months before he stops eating and drinking and then we'll know it's time to do what's best for him - I'm devastated... Devastated, devastated, devastated. He's 14 and a half years old and so far he's lived five and a half years longer than expected after having a tumor removed at the site of a past vaccine, which is apparently very rare, but even knowing all that and knowing we and the vet are all doing the best we can for him in the mean time doesn't make it any easier.

Anyhoo, moving on before I tear up so much I can't see what I'm doing...

I wanted to let you know where you can likely find me if you can't find me here at The Portable Homestead:

Below is a slideshow of my Instagram, which I enjoy posting photos to quite often (daily really), and which has become a 'microblog' of sorts.  I'm posting the slideshow here so y'all can see the photos. The slideshow automatically updates, showing the the most current photos first then going backwards from there about a day or two to a week (depending on how many photos I post a day).  Drop by this post to see new photos and if you're on Instagram, drop by and say hello there! (Find me at BloominChickJo).

How have y'all been doing? Ready for Christmas? Share with me below!


Hedgerow Rose said...

I'm so sad to hear about your kitty. I know that pain! It's awful. I'm glad to hear you've been resting and I hope that you get some relief soon! :)

Jo said...

Thank you Laurie :-)