Monday, January 06, 2014

New Year, New Word (Updated 1/11!)

Each year I try to pick a word that hopefully encompasses my overall intentions and goals for the new year. I begin thinking about it around Christmas and journaling on it after Christmas and through New Years Eve.

My word for 2014 is "Focus."

It may be something that seems to go without saying, so to speak, but it's something I have a lot of trouble with because of my unpredictable health and uncooperative body. Living with disease is anything but simple or easy. I thought it would get easier handling it with time as I get older, but I've been inexplicably wrong about that! It's been getting progressively difficult.  Now that I'm over the shock of it, and out of fear that none of my dreams will ever some true, I've been trying to learn to work with it as best I can.

I want to figure out a way I can focus on my overall goals more which works with my unpredictable health and uncooperative body so that by this years end I can hopefully see more productivity than illness (even if I have many illnesses this year). I also want to focus more on the things I enjoy which seem to get passed by so easily most days.

In an effort to help myself get started, I've come up with some daily 20 minute 'exercises' along with a daily check list for each week. (Example: 20 minutes of writing, 20 minutes of reading, 20 minutes of treadmilling; Morning and evening meds, etc. and so on). I also need a check-list because of memory issues, which I'm hoping will help me in rebuilding some of my memory capabilities in the long run. Above is a photo of my initial check list. There's room for changes of course! With my health, you have to be flexible.

What is your Word for 2014?

How have you begun to work on your word and your goals for this New Year?

Share with me below in the comments!

*Update 1/11/14:
The check-list above has expanded throughout the week and is working out so well for me! I'm quite happy with it. Each day has its' own page after that check-list so I can keep track of things I do which aren't on the check-list.  I think this will also help me build my self-esteem and self-worth when I'm able to look back and see that I actually do accomplish things on a daily basis.


Jennifer said...

I haven't a clue what word I'd pick for 2014. I generally just want it to be filled with happy news and peace as there was a lot of stress in 2013! I want to eat more healthy and exercise more, especially yoga!

Jo said...

It's something I've done every year since 2008 I believe. I journal on it in late December, usually after Christmas and through New Years Eve. Some years it has come easily, others it's been a struggle. But I enjoy this annual ritual and look forward to it each year!