Friday, February 28, 2014

Living With Disease: A Sense Of Normalcy

Wednesday night I went to bookclub. I know, I had an IV session on Monday and going out within 3 days of it isn't usually a good idea, but I'd read our February book (The Husband's Secret by Liane Moriarty - loved it!), I missed last month's and really wanted to go! (I haven't been to bookclub since December between being sick so often and the Wintry weather).

I had so much fun! They're a great group of women to spend time talking books & life with and we share a lot of laughs too. Along with food of course. By the time I leave, I not only feel refreshed, I feel so normal!

It's flipping wonderful!

I'm sure you healthy folks haven't the foggiest idea what I mean when I say I feel so normal, although stay-at-home moms might.

I've talked about this here before: Living with disease tends to be isolating and lonely, at least it is for me, an because of unpredictable & uncooperative body, I spend much of my time at home, alone.

Sometimes, when I'm able, I just want to go out & be like regular folks and not feel how different I am from others, but feel how in fact alike I am.

I felt up to going I bookclub Wednesday night and I'm so glad I did! I did pay for it physically: I've been exhausted & feeling downright awful since shortly after I got home through today. And I wasn't able to go to Thursday evening bookclub as a result either. But it's good times like Wednesday night, finding the positives and 'simple pleasures' that get me through these rough times.

A sense of normalcy... It's amazing that does for my morale!

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