Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sunday Morning #GardenWalk

We've been in a thaw since Tuesday with temps in the 40s through Thursday and temps in the 50s since Friday! It's been wonderful having the windows open daily and going out without being layered up to the nines. So much of the snow has melted, enough I was able to putter around the yard this morning (in only a t-shirt and yoga pants!) and clean up some of the mess Winter has left behind so far.  In doing so, I found the first signs of Spring here at The Portable Homestead! The Snow Drops were a pleasant surprise for sure.

These photos make this officially the first #GardenWalk of 2014! Very exciting and refreshing.

This thaw has been such a welcome break. Cold and likely snow return this week.

Have you come upon any signs of Spring where you are?


Jennifer said...

Oh how pretty new blooms! I'd love to see some of that, no more snow, no more snow! I'm protesting the weather gods haha!

Jo said...

:-) If I'm getting to that point, you Know it's been a long Winter!