Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Timepieces - 10:22am

44* and balmy! With a touch of snow fog. Windows open in every room again today makes my heart sing! Someone in the neighborhood is having trees cut down. The chainsaw has stopped, but the wood chipper is going now. Mama kitty is purring next to me, my little shadow since yesterday. The shower upstairs is running, hissing quietly, their noise machine is too. If I can hear it plain as day down here I wonder how in the world they can sleep with it on?! Rain arrives this afternoon. A brief, few days long thaw before the cold returns.

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Jennifer said...

Lucky lucky! Can't wait until our temperatures are above freezing!

Jo said...

This 6 day long thaw has been such a welcome break! Cold & snow are about to return for the time being.