Saturday, February 08, 2014

Timepieces: 1:42pm

Looking out into the creek, snow covers the ground, outlines the trees. The bright orange brown of unknown bushes stands out against the white snow and lifeless brown bark on the trees. There are three small, green Christmas tree shaped holly trees, which refuse to show themselves in photos but stand out clear as day as I look at them now. Planted on purpose or happy accident? Tiny charcoal gray Junco birds and large Robins swoop from tree to tree as Black Birds fly overhead. Red Cardinals are sticking close to the creek, in the bushes and hopping along the snowy bank. The sky is no longer a stunning blue, but a dingy white. Clouds have arrived ahead of the next round of snow. It's cold and raw, making temps in the 20s feel bitter despite the lack of wind.

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Jennifer said...

You are helping me to enjoy the now, the winter weather without praying too hard for spring. Seeing the beauty in each time of year is so special, and so many people refuse to do it!

Jo said...

I am glad, and glad to hear that! I do enjoy Winter so that helps me a lot :-) I will have to try and remember this when I am bemoaning about Summer, which I am so not a fan of lol