Friday, April 04, 2014

Exhausted with Relief! No Cancer!

No cancer!!!

We found out late yesterday afternoon and I honestly nearly collapsed with relief and exhaustion once we left the doctor's office. (For more on what brought me to this point, click here).

There's a but - isn't there always?!

I have to go back every 6 months to be monitored because I have what are technically pre-cancerous cells, however there is no treatment for the virus (like there isn't for the common cold) and my body should be able to deal with it on its own (like the common cold). If not and it progresses, surgery would remove that area of the cervix and then any cancer would be completely be taken care of if it gets to that point.

But for now it's good news and more relief than I can begin to tell!

We went out to dinner on our way home from the doctor (I'd been too distracted and stressed all day to think about cooking or even packing to go away this weekend) and afterwards I ran in Barnes & Noble to see if they had a magazine I've been looking for. After finding it, I suddenly realized I was roaming around the store in a daze and that is was the first time in over a month when I had done anything and not been worried about the possibility of cancer! That's when I decided to head to the checkout so I didn't end up in tears in the middle of the store.

I'm so thankful and appreciate of all of your love, support and good thoughts since the beginning of March! You don't know what a comfort that's been to me and how much it has helped me through these last four and very long weeks. Thank You!!!


Jessika Michaelangelo said...

Jo, I am so, so glad to hear this news. <3 You were definitely in my thoughts!

windy city girl said...

SO very happy for you!

Jennifer said...

YAY! Everything is going to be just fine now. I hadn't checked blogger but I knew by all the happiness on Instagram everything must have been just fine. This is such wonderful news!

Jo said...

Thank you gals :-) XOXOXO