Monday, May 05, 2014

In My Garden Today: Welcome Home Sunny!

Yesterday I welcomed "The Sunny Knockout® Rose" (Rosa 'RADsunny'), a Star® Roses and Plants rose, into my garden. As I do with all new additions, I spent much of the day entranced with & fawning over this beautiful yellow rose! And believe it or not, this is my first ever solid yellow rose!

So, without further a due, introducing Sunny:

Yellow always was, and still is, a very favorite color of mine. Since I was a little girl. It's an extremely comforting color to me (although I don't have a clue why). As y'all know, I've been heartbroken over losing more than half of my roses these last few years (including four after this most recent Winter) and I have been on the look-out for this particular rose for some time now. But I wasn't expecting to see roses or find this one at the time I did. This was the only yellow Knockout amid a sea of (very pretty) pink & red yesterday morning and it stood out to me like a beacon against the stormy gray sky. Of course I didn't hesitate and into the cart it went.

Sunny was apparently the first fragrant Knockout of the KO's, which surprised me because my pink RADcon is scented and it debuted in 2005, and Sunny debuted in 2009. (I believe my red RADrazz is scented as well and it was the first KO to debut in 2000). So that aspect is a tad confusing at the moment. But like all KO's, Sunny is a floribunda* rose highly resistant to mildew, rust, some non-beneficial pests, diseases like black-spot and it's heat tolerant. (Note: as I've learned from experience though, there is no rose that is 100% resistant to all of these and any can end up being susceptible given the right (wrong) conditions).

There is much joy in gardening, but there is also much turmoil. However, I'm finally ready to move forward & begin again, thanks to this comforting yellow rose.

*A Floribunda rose is a rose whose parents are a Hybrid Tea rose and a Polyantha rose. Floribunda's may have HT like blooms, single or double blooms, cup shaped or flat blooms (aka a variety of bloom sizes). They are hardy, generally low growing & bushy, and are repeat bloomers, especially if deadheaded.

What are Hybrid Tea and Polyantha roses? Find out by visiting my "Garden Notes" page! Click here


Louise Bradford said...

What a beautiful warm colour! Enjoy your new rose :-).

windy city girl said...

So lovely!

Jennifer said...

What a beautiful rose! I am in love with the colour yellow as well, soft buttery yellows, and orangey sunset yellows! Such amazing colours to be found in nature!

Jo said...

Thank you loves :-) Sunny also smells heavenly!