Tuesday, June 03, 2014

End Of May Recap!

How is it June already?! 

While scratching my head trying to figure that out, let's recap the end of May:

Memorial Day weekend was a big one for us in the milestones department. (With gorgeous weather to boot!) May 24th was our decade anniversary and May 25th was our 9th wedding anniversary! Did we do anything "special" for the weekend? No and yes. We gave one other gifts, but we didn't go away for the weekend or even go out to dinner either night. Hubbs was tired from work, so aside from running out for a bit, we stayed home, relaxing on the couch, me reading and him watching war movies on TCM. Sunday we had breakfast down at the marina and walked the harbor afterwards. Then he picked up my anniversary gift (a new tv and stand) while I cleaned out the old entertainment center. We spent the rest of the day doing things around the house, making dinner together and reading on the couch. It was a wonderful weekend together, filled with love. And that my friends, is special. 

On Memorial Day, we were in one of the local parades with our American Legion & Ladies Auxiliary (which was a lot of fun!) and we BBQ'd. 

Hope your May ended beautifully and happy June! 


Jennifer said...

Happy late Anniversary Month! Lol! A new tv, lucky lady! May went too too fast, just zoomed by when I wasn't looking.

Jo said...

TY :-) I am very lucky, indeed - and not just because of the tv LOL! May did flash by in the blink of an eye this year.