Friday, June 13, 2014

Friday Favorites - Stormy Skies

I love a stormy sky but not the actual t-storms. Things got pretty interesting around dinner time this evening! Forty five minutes of all hell breaking lose later we had over 3 inches rain and a lot of flooding in the area in the usual spots. It's still awful humid out and I'm hoping we get a break from it before next week's heat settles in. (Much of today the humidity was at 98% when it wasn't raining or foggy!)

I stopped being a big fan of thunder storms when I was a kid and my Nana was watching me at Mom's one summer afternoon. I had no idea storms scared her until that day when we went and sat in the stairwell of my apartment building until the storm was over. Listening to the rain bang on the sky light at the top floor, where I lived. Feeling the thunder rattle the walls. If storms scared my Nana, the downright toughest woman I ever knew who could be a tad scary herself, well then they were certainly something to be scared of! 

I do love watching the sky now so I can get photos like these, and to an extent I can distract myself with that excitement, but once the lightening & thunder get under way, I'm wishing I could hide under the bed with the kitties!


Jennifer said...

Those skies are intense! Though I must say I love the storm that accompanies them too!

Jo said...

I only enjoy storms where the thunder, lightening & flash flooding rain isn't present lol A little of each is fine (but regular rain, not 3" in 45 minutes). :-)