Saturday, June 21, 2014

Happy Summer!

My my my, this year is certainly full steam ahead! Not only is it past the middle of June, but it's the first day of Summer. How in the world did this happen already?!

If Summer weather was like it has been so far this morning all the time throught the season, I would never complain a peep about Summer, ever! What a stunning morning! Last time I checked it was 68* with very little humidity. The sun is shining and breezes are steady. It's an all windows and doors open kind of day which is a thankful relief after the yucky week we just had once Monday passed.

Today is also the Hubbs' birthday. Yep, he's a Summer Solstice baby! 

Unfortunately, instead of being off from work today as planned, he had to work at his full time job. And he has to work here at TPH when he gets home. And I'm struggling with a migraine. Triple sigh!

At least we had a nice night last evening in town, walking along the main street and harbor. A bit warm as there wasn't a breeze to be had, but still a pretty evening. 

The last sunset of Spring, 2014:

Once the sun was down further, the clouds blocked it out completely.

Happy Saturday, happy Summer and have an awesome weekend! 

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