Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Micro-Blogging & Catching Up

Are you on Instagram?

Me too!

Without intending to, my Instagram has become my micro-blog. It's now my immediate go-to when posting photos along with short text posts. I didn't expect how much I would enjoy using IG as well as the interactions with other users there.  

I didn't mean to get derailed here once again! There's so much to keep up with in the online (and offline) world anymore. Add my unpredictable health to the mix and it's all too much at times, even though I've always been conscious about using what sites/apps I enjoy vs what the status quo is at any given time. Our recent vaca was a great technology/app break and I've tried to keep that going to a large degree since being home. (Coming down with a wicked awful sinus infection the day after we got home on 7/20 and only starting to feel better on 8/3 has helped with the extended break!)

What I'm going to try focus on in the weeks to come is sharing here at The Portable Homestead in a way that doesn't duplicate my IG posts, but expands on them and takes them even further into detail. Get back into the writing aspect, not just the photos. 

Can y'all believe it's August already?! 2014 is just trucking along at an alarming speed. Summer hasn't been too bad so far. Our infamous Jersey summer has been less infamous so far and though disgustingly humid at times, the temps have mostly been in the 70s & 80s during the day! I for one am very thankful! (As are our air conditioners). Unfortunately it's been all or nothing when it comes to rain which has caused flooding issues at times locally, but overall, if our summers were more like this one, I'd complain about them a lot less!

How is Summer treating you so far?


Jennifer said...

Micro-blogging is just the perfect word. I too am trying really hard to keep my blog unique from my Instagram, it is tough most days as I am an instagram addict!

Jo said...

I think I am too! lol