Friday, September 05, 2014

Friday Favorites: Sunrise Mountain

There are places which call to me. Places I sometimes have the overwhelming need to visit every so often. Thankfully, this past Labor Day Monday morning, the Marine (Hubbs) and I had the chance to visit one of these places: Sunrise Mountain and the Scenic Overlook in Northwestern NJ.

Of course I took many (many) photos! Here are some of my favorites:

It was disgustingly hot and humid, but, for once that didn't bother me much. I was winded by the time we got to the pavilion, but not nearly as bad as in the past, even with the oppressive air! That made me very happy. Proud even, since I've been working on some of my physical aspects as of late. 

It smelled like Autumn atop Sunrise Mountain, looked like it too. Many of the trees near the pavilion have already lost their leaves. 

So gorgeous up there!

I can't explain it accurately enough, I don't think, but, it was like a sigh when I got up to the pavilion, like my body sighed. Or perhaps it was my soul. Regardless, it felt like such a relief to finally be there again! 

On the way back down, I stood in place, my feet planted on a giant slab of boulder, hoping my love and appreciation for this place came through into the mountain and felt my connection to it as deeply as ever. 

What are your favorite places to visit, ones that call to you like this? Share with us in the comments below!


Jennifer said...

What a beautiful place, those clouds look absolutely amazing! Love those shoes btw!

Jo said...

TY :-)