Thursday, November 06, 2014

30 Days of Thanksgiving

Well here I've been posting my 30 Days of Thanksgiving daily to my Instagram and forgot to post them here. Silly Chick!

So to catch up, I'm going to share November 1st through yesterday here now, but for those who don't know, I've not only been doing the 30 Days of Thanksgiving posts for a number of years now, but I also have an attitude of gratitude on a daily basis, I just don't always share it daily like I do in November. 

November 1
I am thankful for our little bit of Heaven on earth in the mountains. More than words can tell you! The beauty, quiet and solitude does both of us much good. Our dock became a part of my morning routine (last week while we were at the camper on vaca) and I look forward to many more mornings out here in the future! 

November 2
I am thankful for The Marine (aka the Hubbs). That man, right there in the corner of this photo. Who strongly prefers not having his photo taken, which is why I have to sneak one from time to time. Who is more to me than my words can tell you!

November 3
I am thankful for my furs! My sweet kitties are loving companions, wonderful snugglers, cheerful entertainers, not to mention just plan adorable (which helps when they're anything but endearing some times). They make living with disease a little less lonely.

November 4
I am thankful for being able to vote. I have exercised my right to do so since I was 18 and for the last 10.5 years, the Marine and I have made the point of going together to vote in *each* local, state and national election. (Bad photo! I was trying to take a picture of a flyer outside out polling station without being caught ('no pictures' signs everywhere) so I was in a bit of a rush).

November 5
I am thankful for piece of mind. At times a cliche, at other times a genuine emotion/state of being. (I finally found a new primary doctor whom I not only like, but who gets me and my whole living with disease thing and I cannot begin to tell you what a relief that is after searching for 4.5 years for a new primary doctor!)

I invite you to join in the 30 Days of Thanksgiving with me, and I also invite you to be grateful on a daily basis, year round! If you take the time each day to be thankful for at least one thing, you'll truly appreciate your blessings more often and find that even on the darkest of days, there is always light to be found. 


Tanya @ Moms Small Victories said...

Oh, those photos are stunning and I just want to snuggle that kitty! We had two white Westies who were fantastic snugglers and sometimes the only ones who got when I felt down (especially about my RA). I miss them so much and so sad I'm allergic to dogs AND cats. OY! I will have to just snuggle with kiddies instead, my 3 boys are harder to catch but they still snuggle. Glad to meet you on the #Southernlit chat today!

Jo said...

Thank you so much Tanya and it was great meeting you too today! Miss Boo (the kitty pictured in this post) is indeed a snuggler of snugglers lol I'm sorry you're allergic! It's so true that sometimes the furs know better when we're not feeling well. They are a comfort indeed! Best of luck catching your boys for snuggles ;-)

Jennifer said...

Such beautiful pictures! You get to keep your leaves much longer than we do!