Monday, December 15, 2014

A little update on my previous post

So I mentioned in my previous post about my battling various incarnations of the plague since at least Thanksgiving (more like since Veterans Day) and the last couple of weeks being particularly awful. 

Well, I went back to the doctor again this morning and as it turns out, I do not have the flu like I suspected. I have MONO! 

Well knock me over with a feather! Mono?! 

I had no idea you could get mono as an adult. I had it when I was 16 and it was bad enough back then! And thus far it's been no fun as an adult either.

I shouldn't be contagious anymore given I've been this way over two weeks now. I do however have to limit my exposure to other people/germs so I don't end up with a secondary infection, which could turn things into a very serious situation for a healthy adult, but for someone like myself...? I don't plan on spending Christmastime in the hospital! (knocks on wood) So, very limited outings, if I must (for Sanity's sake or back to the doctor's office), avoiding enclosed/indoor places where frequented by many people (like stores, restaurants, the library :-( the VFW and so on).

I started another antibiotic this evening (my third round since mid November) in case the tonsillitis I still have isn't part of the mono and is actually a secondary infection. (Since it came out during the second round of antibiotics, I'm thinking it's part of the mono, but better safe than sorry). Basically my agenda for the forseable future is: Rest, take my meds, and be sure to eat & stay hydrated (I have no appetite or thirst to speak of). Maybe I will be able to do some reading and journaling too, but I'm not getting my hopes up as I've barely been able to so far. 

Until next time, friends!


Louise B said...

Jo, I'm so sorry to hear you have mono. Thinking of you - hugs.

Jo said...

TY kindly, Louise!

windy city girl said...

(((Hugs))) So sorry to hear you're not feeling well. Sending you prayers and good thoughts - as always.

Jennifer said...

Oh my gosh, mono! I have never had it but I hear it is exhausting. I am so sorry to hear you have gotten so ill. I pray you will be able to recover quickly!

Jo said...

Thank you Gill and Jennifer!