Saturday, December 13, 2014

Beginning to look a lot like...


Although I'm honestly surprised I'm finished decking the halls and shopping already. 

I've been battling various incarnations of the plague over the last month, especially since Thanksgiving, and the last week has been downright awful. Awful! It's made me remember when I was in third grade, and I was sick with the flu for all of December into the New Year. My cousin B felt bad for me and took my mom and I to see one of those drive through Christmas lights displays, and I laid down in the back seat to & fro. I haven't thought of that in years!

I started and finished my Christmas shopping on Monday and all of the gifts have arrived as of yesterday! Not only was the budget super tight this year, more so than in recent years by a long shot, but with being so sick, physically going shopping, even locally, for gifts is out of the question this year. I am so thankful for awesome sales, coupons, and free shipping! 

I've taken my time since the day after Thanksgiving and used only those Winter & Christmas decorations I couldn't imagine our Christmastime without, especially the twinkle lights! Even the tree is smaller (I picked up a new one on a great sale before I got so sick) but with just multi lights & ornaments, it's so pretty! I don't mind the pared down look, which I've been more into overall as of late anyhow. I'm sure to an outsider looking in it may not seem pared down and they would probably be afraid to know what Christmastime has looked like in the past here at The Portable Homestead! :-)  ;-)

It's been rough losing so much time this Autumn to debilitating injury and illness. I'm a tad out of sorts and feeling inadequate, not to mention having a hard time believing 2014 is nearly over! But, I'll just keep taking it day by day, get as much rest as possible and hope I'm well enough to enjoy the Winter Solstice, Christmas, and New Years! 

How is December treating you thus far?


Jennifer said...

I've been suffering from a back injury that has made creating, cleaning, shopping, cooking, working and pretty much anything painful and tense feeling. Working on it, hoping the doctor can shed some light on it :/ Hail online shopping! All praise! Tee hee!

Jo said...

I hope you are well soon! I herniated a disk that's pressing on the sciatic nerve back in September and the pain didn't begin to let up until November. Online shopping is also convenient for me since I don't drive because of my disabilities, comes in very handy and helps me to feel less of a burden on my loved ones when I can do something on my own.