Sunday, December 21, 2014

Welcome, Winter!

Happy Solstice!

May you find, and be filled with, the light and warmth of Winter. 

(Photos taken during our Winter Solstice Holly Forest walk. More to come, stay tuned).


Jennifer said...

Gorgeous! Happy solstice lovely Jo!

Jo said...

Thank you love!

Brandi said...

Jo, I demand you send me those boots right now. Well, only if they're a size 7. Otherwise keep'em and wear'em well cuz they look good on you :D xoxox

Jo said...

Ha! Sorry love, they're a size 8! :-) They had me try on a 7 because they say to go down a size from what you normally wear, but there was no way a 7 was working for me, and that was without my thick wool socks at the time! The 8 are a leetle big if I don't wear my wool socks, but they do look good on me... :-D