Sunday, December 28, 2014

What's In A Name?

The name of my blog abode here has changed over the years, as so many of you know. 

It started out as Just Diggin' Around, and then became Diggin' Around.

Not that long ago, after much contemplation, I made a big change with renaming it The Portable Homestead. And that was the right thing for me at the time. 

In recent weeks however, I've been rethinking the name again. 

The Portable Homestead is where we live, where Hubbs is caretaker, and where I garden (mostly in containers), so that will continue to be a part of my blog, but (to me) it narrows the focus, or direction of you will, and I want my blog to have a name that's more encompassing of my life as a whole, vs just a specific area of it. Not that I have let the name (TPH) change what I write about, I still share as I always have, but a different name would help me to feel more comfortable about sharing in the same way - if that makes sense. 

Earlier this month, I was writing a letter to include with a Christmas card, and as I wrote, "...this perfectly imperfect life..." it grabbed a hold of my attention and has yet to let go! I've been turning it over in my mind ever since, journaling about it, and asking for feedback (elsewhere), which has been positive.  It's so very me, especially at this point in my life! My life is far from perfect, and that's okay. Quite often I'm a mess! And that's okay. I've always shared the good with (much of, but not all of) the bad. And that's okay too! But, no matter what, I am so blessed, and I appreciate all of our blessings, regardless of how they may look from the outside. Perfectly imperfect. I wouldn't have it any other way.

And so... I believe The Portable Homestead will become This Perfectly Imperfect Life for the New Year! 

What are your blogging plans for the new year?


Brandi said...

I love how you’ve re-invented your blog over the years. I have loved each season you’ve been through here in your little slice of the interwebz! Love to you and your sweet love!

Jennifer said...

I love this idea! I think I will actually be taking a few steps back from blogging and towards Facebook and Instagram this year. It is easier to keep up with for me!

Jo said...

TY Brandi! XOXOXO Love to you and yours, best wishes for 2015!

Jennifer, it's always best to do what we feel is best for ourselves at any given time!

Unfortunately, I've learned through moderating a fb page for hubby's American Legion post that unless you pay to promote your posts in your followers feeds, they are less & less likely to appear in their feeds over time, no matter how often you share, so that's the primary reason I haven't created a fb page for my blog.

In 2015 I want to work on coordinating my instagram and blog together more, by posting a photo to IG that goes with a blog post here that has more photos along with more text.