Wednesday, January 07, 2015


Struggling with mono on top of my rheumatoid disease (aka RA). 

Need to nourish my body as well as my soul. 

Yesterday afternoon I defrosted bean soup (made this Autumn) and added diced tomatoes (w/juice), veggie broth, chopped leaks, parsley, chives & curry powder. (The scent of curry powder instantly comforts me!)

Reheated today and added the curry powder again along with a dash each of garlic & onion powder and black pepper. Made orzo pasta on the side to add to the bowl of soup. (Keeping the pasta separate keeps it from getting mushy in the soup). Topped with fresh parm cheese. 

Nearly crying by the time I sat down to eat, almost no energy to lift the spoon. But I've had almost no appetite with the mono, so it's been difficult to eat well. This afternoon at least, I wanted to eat well and finished the bowl of soup. I have enough made for the week. 

What do you do to nourish your body and soul when you're feeling anything but well?


Dana Symons said...

I have decided freezer meals are the way to go! So nice that you had homemade soup on hand. Easy to heat up and provide some quick nourishment. I'm trying to be better at having those sorts of things on hand for those days when I don't have the energy to cook... Feel better!

Jo said...

Thank you, Dana! I hope you're feeling better soon too! I love having a well stocked freezer (and pantry) for times like this.