Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Off The Shelf: Book Giveaway! (Updated 2/21-See Comments)

I have a surprise that may brighten what has been a rough Winter for so many, especially those fellow gardeners who are chomping at the bit for Spring, or those just looking for a fun read! 

I have one beautiful paperback copy of Norman Draper's novel, Backyard, to give away thanks to Mr. Draper and his publisher, Kensington Publishing Corp.

Here is the synopsis from the back cover:

"Livia is a nice little suburb in the upper Midwest - but behind the manicured lawns and pristine hedges seethes a ruthless desire to be the greatest green thumb of all...

George and Nan Fremont have created a paradise in their backyard, complete with the semi-hallucinogenic exotics and a comfy spot for drinking their favorite merlot. Marta Poppendauber's garden is a pleasantly haphazard as she is. And Dr. Phyllis Sproot, Livia's self-styled and cantankerous gardening expert, has determined the exact formula for the only correct garden possible.

But, once Burdick's Plant World announces the garden contest to end them all, none of the gardeners of Livia can afford to live and let live. The Fremonts have almost gardeners themselves into bankruptcy. Marta is the victim of black tea blackmail. And Dr. Sproot is turning into a horticultural megalomaniac of the worst kind. 

The gardeners of Livia are digging up trouble with every turn of the spade, but if they can make it through the summer, who knows what might bloom?"

My only rule: US residents only. (Hopefully one day I will be able to do a giveaway which includes those outside the US, but for financial reasons, I am unable to do so at this time. Thanks for understanding!)

Please leave a comment below that you would like to be entered to win, which includes your email, by 11:59pm EST on Friday, 2/20. 

I will then pick a winner on Saturday, 2/21 using random.org, update this post with the winner and email the winner. Once the winner is announced, I ask that the winner email me their mailing name and address ASAP (to bloomin.chick@yahoo.com - bloominDOTchickATyahooDOTcom) so that I can send the book out priority mail the week of 2/23. (We are getting 2 to 3 winter storms a week here, so I don't want say a specific date at this point and not be able to follow through). 

Good luck!

(Three copies are pictured because one is for a giveaway for my Obsessed Gardeners Support Group on Goodreads, and one is kindly for yours truly).


susan hemann said...

Hi Jo! hope you are feeling better! I would love to win. suehemann at gmail dot com

CurtissAnn said...

Hey, girlfriend. Thank you for alerting me to your giveaway, and your blog. This book sounds like a good read. We do have perfectly imperfect lives, don't we? Thanks for the encouragement to live them, just as we are. Now I realize why I don't come to Blogger. It is always difficult for me. It never wants to take my sign-in.

Jo said...

I'm sorry CurtissAnn about the log-in trouble! The funny thing is that I always have a problem with WordPress lol!

Jo said...

I've assigned numbers to each of you in order of your comments:

Susan: 1
CurtissAnn: 2

So for random.org's true random number generator I entered 1 as the minimum and 2 as the maximum which generated a result of: 1!

True Random Number Generator
Min: 1
Max: 2
Powered by RANDOM.ORG

Susan, you've won the copy of backyard! I'm going to email you now to let you know, so please reply to me with your mailing name and address (and if you don't see my email, please check your spam folder!). Congrats!