Monday, February 09, 2015

We Interrupt This Regularly Scheduled Broadcast...

For another installment of The Mono Diaries!

I would like to say I'm finally getting better, again, (knocks on wood) but I'm afraid to think that because I felt like I was turning a corner a couple of weeks ago, and then caught cold-flu bug and went back down hill. (To the point the Hubbs was genuinely worried about me, emotionally as well as physically). As a result, I haven't been retested for mono yet, so I don't know if I still have it or not. (I'm hoping not!) I have to touch base with the doctor tomorrow or Wednesday and go from there.

So it's February! How in the heck did that happen already?! 

I did finish reading two novels in January: A Fall Of Marigolds by and The Invention Of Wings by Sue Monk Kidd. Both had me feeling like I had been on incredible journeys by the time I finished each! Highly recommended. 

Have you read anything good so far this Winter?

We've had winter storm after winter storm, although we are faring better than other areas of the Northeast, but aside from when I had a fever with that cold-flu bug, I have been cold all winter so far! (Likely thanks to the mono). Unfortunately we are two for when it comes to ice storms - one last week and another today. But, that's what happens once February arrives (and sometimes March too). I don't mind snow, ice however, I am not a fan of! I twisted my ankle yesterday when my ice cleats shifted on my left boot, so I haven't been past the front porch today! (I was afraid to tempt fate).

I hope winter is treating you alright where you are!

Mono, by the way, is so not conducive to creativity, in any sense of the word for me, hence the lack of posts here, but you can always drop by my Instagram where I tend to post more frequently during droughts here.

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