Monday, March 30, 2015

Monday Musings

"Bloom where you're planted."

I keep trying, but, honestly? Not succeeding to my liking yet. Not by a long shot. Not sure how. 

Maybe I'll finally figure it out one day. Maybe I won't. Maybe I'll conquer my fears, insecurities, and inertia one day so I can. And maybe I won't. I feel root-less, unrooted, and I wonder if that will ever change? Maybe it won't.  Maybe one day I'll finally get these novels out of me! 

When your body tends to be ruled by pain, fatigue, and illness more often than not, it's so difficult to move forward and progress, much less think strait. But, I'll keep trying to bloom where I'm planted, even in this place that we don't own which is our home, anyhow. 

And maybe one of these days, it just might happen.

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Brandi said...

JO!!!!!! I can't find your address ANYWHERE! Email me - oh, please and thank you :D xoxoxoxo