Sunday, May 17, 2015

Simple Pleasures Greatest Joy Sunday

Sundays are such a special day, even when you spend a good chunk of it running errands & doing chores like we did! It's also the perfect day to appreciate blessings & what gives us joy. I frequently share under the #simplepleasuresgreatestjoy hashtag on Instagram because I full believe that the "simple" things in life bring us the most joy. (I've also found as a spoonie anything you can do to focus on the positives helps you through the muck). 

In no particular order: This photo because it so captured this morning - spending the weekend with Hubbs with doing this & that and not running ourselves ragged - honoring Veterans at the cemetery yesterday - smelling the salt air down at the harbor this morning & feeling the misty fog on my skin - finally getting a handle on my novel - staring at 40 (in 4 days!) and no longer feeling shell-shocked  

Now it's your turn! If you'd like to join me in sharing some of these things today, be sure to comment below or include the #simplepleasuresgreatestjoy HT in your IG post and mention/tag me so I don't miss it! 

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