Friday, May 08, 2015

This Week in the Garden

A sample of what's blooming & growing in the garden for the week ending Friday, 5/8/15.

Cleanup around The Portable Homestread has been slow & steady over the past couple of weeks, and I'm happy with how everything is shaping up around the yard, in the garden, and on the front porch. Seeds I direct sowed last Sunday have already sprouted! I'm still holding out hope that at least one of my Julia Child floribunda roses makes it, but it's looking rather more likely that neither will. 

The lettuce pictured above (7th from the top) is actually from last year! I direct sowed the seeds in the raised bed, but what seedlings weren't eaten by the resident rabbit were drowned in a flash flood from a severe thunderstorm. I can't believe the lettuces have returned this year after all that plus the stormy and ridiculously cold winter that just passed! 

Also on the return after a year or two slumber is the lemon balm pictured in the photo below the lettuces. I know it can be a jerk and get into everything (even if planted in containers I might add) but I have so missed clipping stalks of it for cases in the kitchen and on the mantle! (I love its' light lemon scent). It's also quite tasty in ice tea!

So what's blooming in your gardens this week?

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