Friday, June 05, 2015

When Friday Favorites and Flashback Friday Collide!

Last time we met, I was on the eve of turning the big 4-Oh! (More on that another time). Since then we've been away and back, and I've been busy trying to get rid of The Cold That Would Not Leave. Instead of playing the usual catch-up (am I the only one who forever feels like they're playing catch-up?!), I thought I'd share our extra long weekend away in a different way.

One of my favorite places is our camper, which sits on on an island, in a lake, in the mountains, in my favorite area of our beautiful state, the Skylands in Northwestern NJ, and that is where we spent our Anniversary/Memorial Day weekend just a couple of weeks ago! I can't tell you what this place means to my soul, but it is so near and dear to my heart that once we are back here on the coast, I'm overwhelmed with homesickness for the first few days.

Here are some (okay, a lot) of my favorite shots from that weekend:

Our dock

One of the views from the island


Delaware River via Worthington State Forrest


Neighbors Clematis

Our Honeysuckle tree (actual name escapes me now)

Delaware River coming from PA back into NJ

Rhododendron at the Lodge
My favorite place to sit on the island outside of our camper

Just outside the lodge! Pic doesn't do him justice, he's about 300lbs!

In Whorthington State Forrest!
Memorial Day parade in town

Another view from my favorite spot to sit outside the camper

Aside from coming down with a horrendous cold (that I still have), it was a beautiful weekend! Spending our 11 years together, and our 10th wedding anniversary, here was perfect, and the best gift Hubbs could have given me!

What places would be included in your Friday Favorites? Share below!

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