Sunday, June 14, 2015

When Perimenopause Strikes At The Supermarket

Actually, it started earlier at last Sunday morning. (Not the perimenopause itself, just this most recent bout of it). Hubbs was being his usual 'funny' self, only this time my feelings got hurt, and I cried. Big ole tears with big gulps of air cried. 'Here we go!' I thought to myself. Again.

After breakfast, we headed to Target for a couple of things. I saw that the iPhone 5s was finally down to $49.95, what my iPhone 4 cost us nearly two years ago. I've hemmed and hawed about upgrading to a newer iPhone (for the camera, though I don't care for the smaller screen width) because of the cost, but, honestly, between what I've spent on a Samsung WiFi camera, and Kindle impulse buy books, I could have picked up the iPhone 5s before it went this low in price, or even the iPhone 6, had I thought about it more logically. (kicks self in rear - again)

The very nice gentleman checked their stock, plus the next closest Target store, and... Nodda. Notta. He even went a step further and called someone else who told him they likely weren't getting anymore of the 5s given the time of year. (I've noticed this is generally the time of year, as it gets closer to summer, when older Apple products go on sale, sell out, and aren't restocked in order to make way for the next wave of new Apple products).

I sincerely thanked him for all of his help, then couldn't wait to get out of the store. I was so deeply disappointed, and I didn't want to cry. Again. In Target. (I didn't even look at the book section!)

Immediately, my reflux/heartburn flared right up my chest into my sinuses. On our way to the supermarket, I chewed two Gaviscon (bleah!), then wandered through the first half of store as though Hubbs was sitting on my chest instead of pushing the cart beside me. (Have I mentioned he's 6'3" and 280lbs? Just for some context).

I was feeling better by the time we got to the frozen foods section. I had wanted to pick up a few lunches to supplement leftovers for my afternoon eats during the week, but not one brand was on sale.

Not one. Stinking. Item.

And that's when it happened.

I cried.

I cried in the frozen foods/dairy aisle of the supermarket.

Because nothing I could buy for lunch was on sale.

And then I Laughed Out Loud, out right guffawed at the absurdity of the situation! How could I not?!

Thankfully the aisle was fairly deserted aside from Hubbs, who didn't even blink at his mess of a wife (hm...).

If I hadn't known prior to this that these 'crying jag' days, as I call them, were more than just regular ole PMS, I knew now without a flipping doubt! (But, I mean, seriously, have you seen the prices lately?! They could make anyone cry on a good day, am I right?)

When the crying jag days started, I thought it was the fatigue and stress of the mono actually. (I was sick with active mono from Thanksgiving through the end of February this year - good times!) That's when these days of something setting me off then spending the rest of the day literally on the verge of tears, or crying well after I'm done being upset or angry over whatever got me going, began. (Or that's at least when I noticed them since with the mono I literally had nothing else going on for so long). And it's normal when you're body is going through a traumatic illness (or injury), although this was extreme, even for me. (Then again, the mono fatigue and secondary infections I experienced on top of my usual health hoopla was extreme too, so I wasn't overly concerned). Plus, the side affects of mono can last up to a year after the infection is no longer active (sweet - not), so I continued not being overly concerned.

But, after noticing some other, er, womanly changes (like how I put that?), several chats with a bestie who's five years older than I am, and one with my (female) primary doctor, I've come to not only realize, but accept, that perimenopause may have indeed begun for me.

Plus my body has decided that any temp above 66* is just as hot as 104*, so along with my usual heat & humidity intolerance, I'm feeling especially bleah now that the warm weather of late Spring is upon us.

As if turning the big 4-Oh! last month wasn't enough for the time being?!
(insert frowny face while shaking my head here)

But then you just gotta laugh, am I right?!

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