Saturday, July 04, 2015

Happy 4th of July!

What a fantastic Independence Day so far! 

Cool, mostly cloudy, some rain most of the day. Now it's turned into the perfect Summer late afternoon! Clear, sunny, not a stitch of humidity to be had and a refreshing on-shore breeze.

Did I mention the Quiet?! Quiet days here at the Portable Homestead are rare and downright lovely, and the weather has only enhanced the peacefulness of the day, so we don't mind one bit that it hasn't been not hot and sunny on this 4th of July.

A lazy morning spent sleeping in, then venturing into town for breakfast just ahead of the shore crowds. More lazing around once we returned home, watching tv, watering and tidying up in the garden, even a load or two of laundry, then hot dogs on the grill with fresh tomato onion cuke salad for lunch. Reading Dollbaby by Laura Lane McNeal, set around Independence Day. So glad Hubbs has been able to relax today after a busy day off yesterday! He doesn't get too much relaxing time, and deserves more than he gets.

Deeply thankful for our blessings, full of love and appreciation for our Country, our imperfect Nation today. 

Happy Birthday, America! 

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