Monday, December 14, 2015

Spring In December?

Cozy living room tidings.

Bizarre spring-like temps this December.

The third Sunday of Advent has just now passed, yesterday for those unfamiliar with the tradition, and while things may look like Christmas indoors, it feels like anything but outdoors for those of us in the Northeast this December!

Just yesterday the temperature climbed to 67* before noon! On December 13th. While not completely unheard of, it's happened before within recent memory, it's still weird. Glorious for some, unsettling for others. Allergies are off the charts and we're dangerously low on rainfall. Today it's actually so humid I'm finding it a little hard to breathe!

Things are growing, budding, and blooming. Out of season. So it's not just we humans who are confused.

Spring in December in New Jersey?

For Hubbs and I, it doesn't feel like December, or Christmastime. I know, it's not just about the weather, but we enjoy cold temps vs warm, so it's part of the whole package at this time of year for us. It's what we grew up with here, what we're used to and enjoy. And it's left me personally feeling rather out of sorts, with myself and with the seasons. (Perimenopause isn't helping matters in that department any either).

So, each day at some point, no matter the weather, I make a point of sitting in the living room with only the twinkle lights on (there are more out of view around the windows). I find them so peaceful and calming! Sometimes I have a cup of tea or a glass of wine, sometimes I journal or read a book. Sometimes I just sit. (No phone, tablet or laptop allowed). To enjoy the season.

What is the weather doing in your neck of the woods?

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