Sunday, January 24, 2016

When Winter Arrives All At Once

Peeping through the spare room this morning.

View from the front porch this morning.

Hard to get an official total on this snow fall.

Front walk.

Looking towards the creek.

Creekside this afternoon.

Looking across the creek.

Creekside this afternoon.

Winter is finally here in all of its sparkling glory, and while it is also a lot of work, it is a joy. 

And by work, I mean we have 12 porches with steps, 7 sidewalks, 2 full sets of stairs, and the trash & recycling area we're responsible for snow removal for. (Along with our truck and my mom's car). But after a decade of being caretakers here at The Perfectly Imperfect Homestead, we have snow and ice removal down to a science as a team. (TG for snowblowers so not all of it has to be shoveled. Also extremely helpful is that the landscaper is responsible for the parking areas).

As the snow fell yesterday, I finally began to feel settled, less scattered and overwhelmed. Calm. I've always said that snow is my yoga, my meditation. 

I hope you have weathered this Nor'easter blizzard well. It's really hard to say how much snow we got for sure because of the drifting. Where it didn't appear to be drifted, some spots are 16"-18" and others are 24", but regardless it was one hell of a storm. My thoughts and prayers are with those in the NJ flood zones that were hit so very hard by this storm. 

Where in the world has January gone to? We have much to catch up on here in the coming days, including an exciting announcement. There may be a hint in the right hand column...

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