Tuesday, March 15, 2016

When A Plague Is Upon Your Home

Everything within reach...

Bone broth (homemade, turkey).

Fresh lemon & ginger for hot water & tea.

Gatorade with lotsa ice.

More bone broth (homemade, chicken).

3 rounds meds, lots of NyQuil and Mucinex.

I've been quite MIA around here as of late, haven't I?! 

Since the week of February 8th, I've been sick. First with a wicked stomach virus, then with a head and chest cold that just will not go away no matter what I do or take. Hubbs came down with it too and has also been sick for weeks. I've never been so congested, my ears never so clogged! (To the point Hubbs snoring wasn't bothering me at night - haha!) Every time we think we're on the mend, it comes back. 

Needless to say, productivity and creativity levels, have been running super low in some areas. I'm trying to fight my way out of that now that it seems we may both be finally, maybe, fingers crossed on the mend. So, since my last post here we've just begun getting out and about again in the last week or so, I haven't finished reading anymore books, but I've just started a couple this week, and I've been trying to keep up with seasonal de-cluttering plus my Writing Lent project as best I can. I've discovered a new reading app thanks to a friend (more to come on that soon) and I've been posting to Instagram, of course!

What's going on in your neck of the Internet?

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