Friday, April 15, 2016

Dear Uncooperative Body

Today you are just downright cruel, letting me wake up without the pain and nausea of this latest round of plague, while bright sunshine crept into the room, and birds chattered away in the bushes outside the windows, refusing to let me press snooze.

And then not 5 minutes after I was finished slowly getting dressed for my morning, you let it all hit me at once, everything that comes with rheum, having a stomach virus, allergies, and being a woman. Literally all at once so I had to hold my breath. 

I went from thinking about writing and planting up a container on the front porch to grabbing the bathroom vanity with both hands to steady myself so I wouldn't fall onto the unforgiving tiles, thoughts suddenly confused and jumbled, focused on the pain returning to my stomach, overpowering my senses, the words, "Are you (bleeping) kidding me?!" falling out of my mouth in a whisper.

I'm not sure how long I stood there like that. Then I made my way back to the bedroom, holding the walls, and sat on the bed. I'm not sure how long I sat there. I do know that it's now just 9am and a good chunk of my early morning is gone. 

But I am going to do what I set out to do, no matter how slowly I have to do it. Today is not a day when I'm in the mood for your (bleep) dear uncooperative body. Back. Off. 

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