Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Expect The Unexpected

Ice on the (Autumn Joy) Sedum this morning.

Especially when you are a gardener.

Yes friends, that is ice on the (Autumn Joy) Sedum this morning during the freeze warning when it got down to 28 degrees overnight and stayed there until well into the morning.

The garden is fairly unscathed so far from the first of at least 3 hard freezes expected this week alone, despite covers blowing half off. The next hard freeze is coming overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. Hopefully the winds won't be as wild tonight as they were last night and the covers will stay one. The winds have been ridiculously wild, so short of shrink wrapping sheets and pillow cases to the roses and perennials, there isn't much to be done in the way of securing covers without doing more harm than good.

It's April in New Jersey, in the Northeast, so weather like this is not out of the norm (no matter what anyone else says), and it's nothing I'm not used to having been born & raised here, and living here my whole life. But as a gardener with perennials which came out much too early thanks to an unusually warm Winter and March, weather like this in Spring is a HUGE headache and pain in the arse!

With all of the stress that's come with my mother's recent health decline, the last thing I want/need to be worried about is my garden. But, it is my "happy place" - my place of comfort and healing. And where I've already been turning to to help me through my mother's ordeals and to what I need to do for her, and us, and myself. What's happening with my mother is so sad, and scary. I feel so ill equipped to deal with it all. I have so few roses and perennials left now, I'm praying Mother Nature will be gentle with us.

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