Friday, April 29, 2016

Walking = Clarity

Look up!

On my walk home from my primary doctor’s office last Tuesday morning, I thought about how gorgeous the spring weather was: Despite the excessive tree pollen, the air and sky were so clear. It was sunny, and the temperature was warm enough to go without layers, but cool enough to go walking without working up a sweat. Perfect weather! Weather like this makes me happy.

I looked up at the trees, now past bloom and starting to lead out in shades of red, green, and brown against a deep blue sky and thought about how grateful I am to be alive. Almost immediately I then asked myself how I can be so grateful, why am I so grateful, to be alive, despite everything I've been through, and everything I'm going through? And almost just as quickly I answered my own question(s):

Because I made the effort. Because I make the effort. Because I fought for it. Because I fight for it. For years. Every day.

I'm amazed I can think this was because there was a time when I'm not sure I would have said it was possible. I'm thankful, beyond words, that I've arrived at this place.

I'm sad it looks like Mom never will.

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