Thursday, May 26, 2016

A Mixed Bag

Hello everyone! A bit of catching up for today.

Belated Happy Birthday to me from Hubbs, and happy Pub Day to author Karen White, whose Flight Patterns was just released this Tuesday. We picked it up on what was also our 12 year anniversary together! Then we headed to our camper to spend the rest of evening, and Wednesday, our 11th wedding anniversary, at the lake. 

Of course there was book mail this week! More about Last Ride To Graceland and The Fifth Avenue Artists Society coming soon.

And thanks to the weather turning from chilly 50s to summery 80s, the roses have begun to bloom! Well, it is nearly Memorial Day, so I guess it's time.

(How did it get to nearly be Memorial Day already?!)

I'm so far behind with my writing, and reading, since Mom's recent stroke in Marrch, and the domino affects it's had on all of our lives, but, things may be leveling out to some degree, so it's time to play catch up, and create a new normal for our family.

What are you currently reading and how does your May garden grow?

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