Wednesday, November 09, 2016

The Morning After

Monday evening, the priest said something during his sermon at the wake of our friend's aunt that resonated with me, and now seems like the time to share it: 

When we pass, we will leave behind all of the things we collect throughout our lives, but love comes with us. So throughout the journey, don't forget to focus on love, love all you can. If you do that, it will carry you through everything. 

I wouldn't have been happy either way this morning, I didn't feel either was representative of myself or appropriate for office. Being the wife of a Marine Veteran, for me it was Benghazi not emails. And I am a member of a diversified family and have a diversified community of friends. And I am disabled. So neither deserved my vote nor did they get it. I researched our sample ballot before hand and voted for whom I felt deserved my vote. Because I could not in my heart give my vote to either of them, and I have been deeply upset about this election for months now. But, I am stunned. So I am going to focus on love. Love, family, friends, community, prayer, my health, creativity and hope. 

Honestly though, on the other hand, I'm relieved it's finally over - watching folks on both sides of the fence tear one another apart has been deeply upsetting. It's been too much to take. (And I pray it doesn't continue vs getting worse now, but I'm not naive, and I can only imagine how much more ugly it may get).  

As I kept saying yesterday, we must come back together again and move forward again. And focus on love. But I'm not asking anyone to be silent, I'm not telling anyone to be silent. I'm not judging anyone on either side, and I won't. If you're hurting, I'll lend an open ear.

Because you are still you, and I am still me. Because I'm stuck in a WTF cloud. Because I don't know what else to do just yet. But I know we'll be okay.


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